Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Solution

Hundreds of thousands of hours for systems tests running up to the Olympics

System testing is a crucial element for the success of any large-scale IT operations. Large-scale events such as the Olympics require thorough and comprehensive testing, which can take hundreds of thousands of hours. The types of tests range from load testing to fault simulation. Load testing provides the means to measure system capacity, whereas fault simulation serves as a type of stress testing. Although these tests are resource intensive, they only require a single use. These tests require the same environment as production environments, but all the resources used in the tests will be wasted after the tests are completed.
Solution Architecture
Hybrid cloud is the ideal environment to cope with these demands. With hybrid cloud, you can run core services with on-premises servers and carry out resource intensive tasks on the cloud, such as on Alibaba Cloud. Elastic Compute Service (ECS) provides all the necessary computing functions for running your business on the cloud. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling elastic scale-in and scale-out capabilities enable the architecture to automatically adjust itself based on actual demands. Resource supply during peak hours is increased elastically, and resource during off peak hours can be decreased automatically to keep operating costs at a minimum. To achieve a hybrid cloud environment, customers can connect their on-premises data center with Alibaba Cloud using Express Connect. Express Connects provides a secure and dedicated network connection between on-premises servers with Alibaba Cloud ECS instances. With hybrid cloud, you no longer need to purchase and maintain a large data center.
99.95% service availability on ECS
Multi-region access on dedicated lines
Over 10 Gbps VPC communication speeds
Automatically replaces unhealthy instances

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