Alibaba Cloud IoT Solution

Hundreds of thousands of IoT devices for automated and intelligent monitoring

Manually organizing and maintaining an event as grand as the Olympics is challenging, if not impossible. An efficient solution is to automate this process by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT). In IoT, devices such as sensors and monitors can be used as data sources to measure the health of the overall system. For the Olympics, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of IoT devices will be used to monitor the event. Data collected from these devices will be processed and analyzed by intelligent systems such as Alibaba Cloud ET Brain. ET Brain helps you address the challenges of implementing robust solutions in a distributed system.
Solution Architecture
In a typical IoT solution, we require both middleware and advanced analytics solutions. Alibaba Cloud middleware products and services can be used for device interactions, including devices such as sensors and closed circuit television (CCTV). Middleware benefits both the processing units and devices by greatly simplifying the data collection process, but at the same time keeping the software in IoT devices simple.
An IoT network can only be fully utilized through Big Data and advanced analytics capabilities. Alibaba Cloud ET Brain provides users with the analytical power to process large amounts of data, such as those collected from an IoT network. ET Brain encompasses a comprehensive family of solutions, each capable of Big Data analytics for different scenarios, encompassing industries such as aviation, advanced manufacturing, smart home, and smart city. Alibaba Cloud ET Brain also works in conjunction with other powerful analytics products such as MaxCompute, E-MapReduce, and DataV, helping you get meaningful results out of data.
Create Hadoop clusters within minutes
Real-time monitoring of IoT devices
In-depth data analysis and prediction
Reduces O&M costs

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