Alibaba Cloud Networking Solution

Several Gbps of official data transfer speeds for the Olympics

Data speed plays an essential role in determining the online experience of a web user. A delay of as little as 0.1 seconds is noticeable to users and can negatively affect user experience. This is true, especially for live events that require systems to provide almost-real-time responses. This problem is further amplified when transferring large files, such as multimedia files, across large distances. Furthermore, in a distributed architecture, servers and devices need to constantly synchronize data before making files publicly available. Sending data across the Internet is unreliable and is less secure, as connections are shared among all users.
Solution Architecture
To ensure accelerated user access, files must be shared internally in an efficient and secure manner. Alibaba Cloud Express Connect allows for this by providing a dedicated connection across different Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), bypassing the Internet. Express Connect provides a fast, stable, secure, and private network communication between different cloud environments, including VPC intranet intercommunication and dedicated leased line connections across regions and users.
Alibaba Cloud CDN ensures high-speed content delivery to end users regardless of location. By caching files in the edge nodes, CDN makes it as though a user is interacting directly with servers in a datacenter. Additionally, the servers must also be protected from cyberattacks such as DDoS to ensure high availability. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro protects these servers and is capable of mitigating Layer 7 DDoS attacks, guaranteeing 99.99% service availability.
Multi-region connectivity
Dedicated network connections
Over 10 Gbps VPCcommunication speeds
Millisecond-level response time

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