Alibaba Cloud Sports Brain for the Future Olympic Games

Makes your Olympic experience better than ever before

How Alibaba Cloud Envisions the Olympic Games

The intersection between sports and technology is constantly evolving. Now, with Alibaba Cloud, you can experience the Olympic Games like never before.

Alibaba Cloud Sports Brain leverages tomorrow’s technology for today's stadiums, athletes, and fans. ET Sports Brain solution builds smarter stadiums, gives athletes a competitive edge, and delivers a more immersive experience to fans around the world.

How Alibaba Cloud Sports Brain Supports the Digital Transformation of the Olympic Games

From immersive audience experiences to data-enhanced solutions, Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive suite of products has the ability to positively impact the Olympic Games for everyone.

Digital Infrastructure

Alibaba’s Digital Infrastructure harnesses cloud technology for shorter lines and waits, better safety, and smarter venues. By harnessing Alibaba Cloud Sports Brain, the Olympic Games will have a comprehensive coordination platform that will give decision-makers better situational awareness throughout all stages of the Olympic Games.
For example, according to pedestrian patterns, weather and urban planning data, Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain can pinpoint jams and manage city infrastructure to enable more efficient public services in the future.

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Digital Experience

Using the latest immersive technology such as VR and AR, Alibaba Cloud ET Sports Brain gives a new level of excitement for the audience.
Alibaba Cloud Personalized Recommendation Service suggests a selection of restaurants and apparel based on preferences, purchase history, time restraints, and location.
Alibaba Cloud 3D Modeling Solution can manage and analyze the data from thousands of sensors in the stadium, store the data in the cloud, and simultaneously project it into VR/AR headsets for a 360-degree immersive experience.

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Digital Performance

By tackling big data statistics and leveraging the latest in wearable technology, athletes and coaches will have the tools to improve performance like never before.
Alibaba Cloud Training and Data Analysis solution uses visual recognition and IoT technology to capture the motion of athletes, analyze the data, and provide real-time recommendations.
Taking things one step further, Alibaba Cloud Health Solution allows managers, coaches, and athletes, as well as medical staff, to track athletes’ health and performance data.

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Digital Communication

With video on demand replays and live streaming, fans in the stadium and at home will never miss any of the action.
Alibaba Cloud Digital Communication Solutions ensure billions to tune-in at anytime, anywhere with the best viewing experience.
Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud Cloud Media Management crosses all digital platforms from live events, in-depth content creation, and behind the scenes action to on-the-field coverage.

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