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Olympic Broadcasting Services
Millisecond latency has given ways to live streaming, video-on-demand and a new era of broadcasting. Alibaba Cloud’s support for the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) will accelerate the development of an era where viewers could get access to live-streaming races, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and instant recaps – all easily accessible and available worldwide. Alibaba Cloud also affords OBS a longer runway for testing, faster transitions from region-to-region, and of course, access to the latest innovations all in a safe, tested, and trusted environment. Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructures and services host AI technologies that allow the machine learning of fan reactions, expressions, and body language to get highlights from the action to online faster than ever before.
Alibaba Cloud Media Solutions
Cloud Server
From GPU based instances to ECS Bare Metal Instances, our powerful cloud computing services are made for any scenario.
Graphics Workstation (coming soon) provides a complete graphic image processing process for remote desktops, non-linear editing software and data storage system NAS Plus.

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